Worth Knowing

Before visiting the EEVital system, please take the time to read the following information. This will assist you in making maximum use of your time in the system and the time after.

How to Prepare for a Session

The inventor of the EESystem, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, reports that by measuring brain waves (EEG) it has been proven that after only seven minutes in the system one can reach a deeper meditative state than a Tibetan monk, even if we do not meditate otherwise.
In this state we are also enormously powerful and it is advisable that we then use this increased power of thought to visualize, see in our minds and feel exactly what we so desire. So what do you want your future life to be like? How do you want to feel about it?

Many of us have been programmed since childhood not to allow ourselves to fully admit our desires because we have learned to view this as selfish. However, it is quite important that we learn to take good care of ourselves. Self-love and selfishness are never the same thing.

So ideally, at the beginning of your session, say, "Show me now how to embrace what is for my highest and best good. Show me now and let me feel it."

Dr. Michael recommends that we visualize that we are breathing in light and love with every breath.

We can also consciously breathe into any area, where we want to change something, be it in our physical body or figuratively (e.g. concerning our inner resistance and self-made limitations).

Close your eyes, be still, pay attention to your breath and notice the sensations in your body. Meet everything you feel and experience with openness and love. Be gentle with yourself. Trust that life is serving you in love in every moment.

Thank your body for doing what it needs to do at all times, to come into healing now and to function better and better. Consciously give your body permission to do so now! Let all your cells feel the power of these truths now. Trust your body's inner wisdom and its inner knowing that it knows what to do now.

Should this mental support be new and strange to you, then rest assured that nevertheless exactly THAT will get going, which is right for you now, because dog owners can also report wonderful results with their darlings.

"When we heal ourselves, we heal the world. For just as the body is only as healthy as its individual cells, so the world is only as healthy as its individual souls." 
~ Mark Nepo, Das Buch des Erwachens

If you come to your session with shorts or skirts, we will be glad if you can bring a cloth big enough. Thank you very much!

Relax during the session without a cell phone or magazine. Close your eyes and go inward. This is not only useful because you are in a group session and might disturb others with a screen or the rustle of a newspaper. Dr. Sandra Rose Michael illustrates this with a very impressive comparison: if we charge our cell phone but are still talking on the phone at the same time, then charging is less efficient, i.e. it takes significantly longer.

Please drink enough fluids. We provide you with non-carbonated Elmer mineral water in the room. By storing it in the room, this water preserves the valuable hexagonal structure. You are welcome to bring your own water in reasonable quantities for afterwards.

With several people in the same room, there is constant disturbing noise, whether someone is coughing or has to go to the toilet. With correspondingly deep relaxation, it can also happen that someone starts snoring. We therefore provide you with earplugs. However, you are also welcome to bring your own headphones, through which you can listen to your own soothing meditation music, for example.

The room is pleasantly heated and we provide plenty of blankets.

Most visitors report that they sleep very deeply during a night session in the system. However, if you are extremely sensitive to light, please bring a blindfold. You can also purchase these from us for three Swissfranks.

Important Support after a Session

When the cells are charged with a great deal of energy after a session, detoxification processes begin in the body to varying degrees depending on the individual. These can become noticeable, for example, as headaches or slight malaise. Just as with homeopathic treatments, temporary initial worsening of symptoms is also possible (so-called Herxheimer reaction). These initially unpleasant accompanying symptoms are a clear sign that detoxification processes have been started in the body. The detoxification processes can be supported in a pleasant and efficient way with salt baths. The skin is our largest detoxification organ! If you do not have a bathtub available, then foot baths can serve as an alternative.

Dr. Michael adds two cups of sea salt and two cups of strongly alkaline sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to each bath. Since this exchange through the skin takes time, she recommends bathing for at least 30 minutes.

Currently we do not sell salts in the center. Larger quantities can be ordered in Switzerland e.g. via these online stores:

Please also drink enough water or unsweetened thé after the session.

Surely you have already dealt with nutrition in your search for optimal health. If you have decided to dedicate yourself to cleansing and healing, it makes sense to also re-examine your diet and make the necessary changes. Dr. Michael says here: You should not expect to go through life super healthy and energized if you continue to poison yourself constantly.

The basic rules are simple: eat a varied and light diet.

Since vitamins are destroyed or volatilized during heating, it is also sensible to eat a sufficient proportion raw. Avoid convenience foods, as the food additives they contain are often problematic (not to mention toxic).

Your health will thank you if you process organic products as consistently as possible.

Our "normal" Central European diet is enormously acidic. It is therefore worthwhile if you familiarize yourself with the acid-base balance and monitor the condition of your body quite simply in your urine with pH strips.

IMPORTANT: Enjoy every meal!

...especially when you allow yourself an exception.

Constant bad conscience and self-reproaches have a health-damaging, low frequency, while intensive enjoyment promotes the joy of life and this, as is known, promotes health.