Thank you for booking your session
with the EEVitalsystem!

For the exact dates of your booking,
please refer to the SMS and the email that you received as confirmation.

We have compiled all the important information for you here, so that you will make the most of your visit with us!

The exact directions and parking information can be found under the contact form. The building is situated in a small alley. The red arrow on the photograph will make it easy for you ton find it!

Please take the time to read this information before your visit:


As we only have a limited number of seats available in the energy room, we cannot guarantee you an extension for your lost time in case of late arrival. Whenever possible, please arrive about 10 minutes before your booked appointment (or directly from the train).

Nighttime Sessions

Night sessions last a minimum of 12h. The normal check-in time is between 19h30 and 20h30. However, within our possibilities, we are flexible with the check-in time and it can be earlier (without extra charge). Since the center is not staffed 24/7, it is important that you arrange your arrival time with us at least 24h in advance: Contact us (ideally by WhatsApp).

You can also stay at the center after your night session before heading home at no extra charge (relax chair not guaranteed; substitute Tectake chair). Many visitors go to the nearby Cornetto coffee shop for breakfast and spend another 2-3 hours in the energy room before heading home.

The center is located in an old building (see gallery on the homepage). There is a toilet with washing facilities, but no bathtub or usable shower.