Mission Statement

We, the friendly team of women at EEVitalsystem in Glarus, Rita, Brigitte and Nadja (from left to right), make it a point to treat our visitors with love, with respect and a comprehensive vision of their highest potential in every area of their lives.

Taking enough time to answer our clients' many questions is just ONE way we express this respect. We are committed every day to supporting our clients in every way we can as they embark on their own journey to maintain (or regain) their health and promote their inner growth. At the same time, however, there is no way around the importance of personal responsibility, especially in the area of "health". Einstein has once again put this very aptly in a nutshell (see below)!

Brigitte Iten (Team photo center) I am the initiator and owner of the EEVitalsystem. Not least because I was confronted with health challenges early on in my life, I have been working for many years and with increasing enthusiasm on alternative ways to support our well-being and performance.  I am particularly fascinated by the promising fields of energy and frequency medicine. For me, health is much more than the absence of physical problems. I am happy to pass on my broad knowledge to our visitors (as are Rita and Nadja, of course) and show them other alternative paths.
I originally studied biology at ETH Zurich and was a secondary school teacher for the first few years after graduating.

We welcome you to the EEVitalsystem in this older building with a lot of charm located directly "Am Bach (small stream)", as the address reveals! (For photos of the interior, please visit our homepage!)

Rita Bolliger (Team photo left) Inspired by Brigitte's enthusiasm and great expertise, I discovered and got to know the EEVitalsystem. My task of welcoming visitors gives me great pleasure and it is a matter close to my heart to cultivate an appreciative exchange.

I have felt at home on various stages in my career. I gained particularly valuable experience as a teacher for young people in the bridging program.

As a proud mother of three grown-up children and two grandchildren, I am happy and grateful for my richly filled life.

Nadja Bisig (Team photo on the right) Having moved to Lake Constance as a two-year-old singing Glarnermeitli, I am now back in beautiful Glarus. A feeling of coming home twice - back to the origin, to the zero point field (Lynne McTaggart "The Zero Point Field - In Search of the Cosmic Primordial Energy").

I enjoy my mystical journey of consciousness, being musical, dancing, nature-loving and reading a lot - an explorer through and through.

My original studies in clinical curative and social pedagogy in Fribourg allowed me to explore the dynamics of family and social systems for many years, whereby the preservation and recovery of health at all levels was central to the support I provided. I am therefore all the more delighted to be opening up to new and old frequency technologies that support us humans in enjoying life in all its facets in a healthy, powerful and joyful way ("Joy is love in action", Dieter Broers).

Our invitation to you: Glarnerland offers you a wide range of leisure and excursion options at any time of year. Our visitors praise the gastronomy in the immediate vicinity of our center as well. Many of our visitors enjoy not only regenerating their bodies in the energy room during one, two or three night sessions, for example, but also getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with excursions into the surrounding area.