Tapping into Quantum Energy

All Leelaq products are the perfect complement (reinforcement) to a visit at the EEVitalsystem. ONE example: The pure quantum energy protects you from electrosmog around the clock in your everyday life, while EESystemTM is able to repair existing damage to the DNA. The quantum energy of the Leelaq products (physical or remote through quantum entanglement) amplifies and accelerates the processes initiated in the EEVitalsystem. Particularly valuable is the transformation of toxins in the body and the release of traumas, which is possible with the TraumEZ remote Service (see further down on this page).

If you visit the EEVitalsystem in Glarus, you will come across the so-called Infinity Bloc from Leelaq in the anteroom. I became aware of Leelaq's technology through a video by Dave Asprey, who is regarded as the founder of biohacking. It works with quantum energy, the energy which matter is created from (energy at the subatomic level). Everyone is probably familiar with Einstein's famous formula E = mc2.

The term quantumenergy and -technology has unfortunately been overused for marketing purposes in recent years, usually without the claims made being scientifically verifiable. The situation is quite different with the initially unbelievable claims made about Leelaq's products. There are currently 59 double-blind studies on the website, which you can read HERE, and countless more are currently in progress.

The following positive properties have been scientifically proven to date:

  • Electromagnetic fields (Wifi, 4G, 5G etc.) are harmonized, which means that the negative effects on the body and our energy system are 100% neutralized.
  • Motility (mobility) and activity of the white blood cells are boosted, i.e. an important part of our immune system works demonstrably stronger.
  • Massive reduction of parasites in the blood
  • ATP production in the mitochondria (energy balance) increased; this is currently being investigated further in a study on athletes
  • Heart rate variability improves (shows positive influence on the autonomic nervous system)
  • most powerful device for structuring water (proven by the Emoto Institute Japan)

There are also clear indications of a positive effect on food intolerances, which are currently being investigated in a clinic in Munich.

Impressive Darkfieldmicroscopy Study Results 
by Dr. Beverley Rubik  US

These photos clearly show how the blood changes when a WLAN is switched on. Within a few minutes, the red blood cells form a so-called money roll, which naturally impairs the oxygen exchange with the tissue. Some of the test subjects were then treated with the WIFI still running, whereby neither the test subjects nor the specialists who carried out the dark-field microscopy knew, which of the test subjects had been treated (double-blind study). The blood of those treated looked better while the WIFI was still running than at the beginning without it. Various test series were carried out here. "Treated" could mean that a photo was placed in an Infinity Bloc. However, it could also mean that the test person held their hand in a bloc, whereby only some of the blocs were actually charged with quantum energy.


after exposure to Wifi

with Infinity Bloc AND Wifi on

Improve Blood, Protect DNA &
Boost ATP

How can I use the Infinity Bloc during my
visit to the EEVitalsystem?

  • As drastic changes occur in the blood within two or three minutes (see above), we suggest that you take a few minutes during your visit to our center and place your hand in the bloc.
  • In several videos, the developer mentions that we can charge our cell phone with quantum energy by placing it in the Infinity Bloc for 3 minutes. The quantum energy, which protects against electrosmog and has all the properties mentioned above, is then released over a period of three to four months. The process should therefore be repeated every three or four months. Please make a note of when you have charged your cell phone, as you should not overcharge it. So more is not better here!
  • During your visit, you can also charge metal objects in the Bloc that are suitable in size. These objects also slowly release the quantum energy and must then be recharged (every 3-4 months).

Where can I order?

Leelaq operates two stores. One in the USA (leelaq.com) and a smaller one in Germany (leelaq.de). With the discount code (DAVE10) from Dave Asprey you get 10% off at least in the US store.

We are pleased to provide our visitors with this information overview here. We are not a Leelaq representative and do not earn anything if you decide to purchase one or the other Leelaq product yourself. If you have any questions, please contact Leelaq support or ask in the Telegram Community (link can be found on the homepage)!

Quick decision-making aid before buying: The three blocs (Quantum Bloc; Infinity Bloc; Grand Bloc) have different strengths. The Grand Bloc is also larger and can hold larger objects (e.g. a whole salad bowl, plate with menu or small watering can). The Infinity Bloc has the advantage that you can upgrade it over time (make it stronger) if you have two of them. This is why it is also offered as a discounted duo. Only with the Quantum Bloc can you copy frequencies from pharmaceuticals or homeopathy or harmonize these products (clean energetically from harmful components).

If you wear a HEAL capsule around your neck, you are also personally protected against EMF in this way. The brass capsule carries the HEAL frequencies and the titanium beads inside are charged with quantum energy. They carry the frequencies into the environment.

Everyday Use of Quantum Entanglement

Leelaq is offering two separate services using quantum entanglement!

Although the idea of quantum entanglement, i.e. influence over long distances without a visible medium, still seems foreign to us, this fact has long been scientifically proven. The 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to a research group for work in precisely this area. Unfortunately, these are all theoretical findings that do not help us in everyday life.

However, Philipp von Holtzendorff has now made quantum entanglement usable. With his Quantum Upgrade, we can have both pure quantum energy and specific frequencies (if desired) sent to us from a distance and YES.... There are also various double-blind studies on this (see Quantumupgrade.io/research ).

With the code DAVE you can test Leelaq's Quantumupgrade HERE for two weeks free of charge.

Regardless of how we may have decided over the past three years, quantum energy is enormously valuable for all of us. Because AI is still unable to read text on images, I am posting the following information from Philipp von Holtzendorff as a screenshot from a Telegram group that's not public. The Quantum Upgrade has been proven to destroy/eliminate the Sp%ke proteins that cause so much damage in our bodies:

Leelaq's second service, which makes use of quantum entanglement, is the TraumEZ. It not only helps us to resolve existing traumatas. IMPORTANT: Via the associated app (should be available in a few days 22.2.2024), the toxins in our body can also be transformed in a 5-10 minute process via our cell phone (process not identical to elimination). Another process, which is started via the same app, harmonizes the consequences of our existing vaccinations, whether tetanus as a 5-year-old child or the controversial "vaccination" of recent years. These two processes can be repeated weekly in order to harmonize more and more according to the onion-skin principle and address deeper-seated changes.

Here you can access TraumEZ!

Additional Video Material