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THE ANTIDOTE I The Explosive Truth, Origin
and Antidote for Covid-19

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The Video Below Contains a Lot of Additional and Precise Instructions on "What to Do When..."

This masterclass with Dr. Ardis and three other courageous doctors is a MUST if you want to understand the threats to our health in an all-encompassing way (solutions included)

With your purchase, you are supporting the important work of these doctors.

I am deeply impressed after working my way through the recordings of this seminar for the first time! The importance of this knowledge for our health cannot be overstated.
~ Brigitte Iten ~

This important excerpt from the last episode of the World Health Sovereignty Summit 2023 once again highlights the acute threat to our health and shows the concrete solutions through new developments

The full video of the closing session of the
World Health Sovereignty Summit 2023 can be found on Bitchute.

These are the substances recommended by Dr. Ardis and Maria Crisler for the purpose of disintoxication (not identical with the usual and equally important detoxification):

  • Supercharged C60
  • Liquid gold
  • Licorice root
  • Cumarin in Cinnamon
  • Turpentine pure gum spirits

Graphen Oxide - Nanoparticles Found in San Pellegrino (Nestlé)

The dissolved minerals in these two waters are precipitated by electrolysis. This produces mineral salts that shpould not be magnetic under any circumstances, but...  See for yourself!

These substances do not belong in our bodies and urgently need to be removed (see WHSS 2023 video above). Drinks mixed with these substances are just one of the many sources of nanoparticles.

Graphen Oxide - Nanoparticles Found in RedBull too

RedBull under the microscope: When zoomed in, the nanoparticles, some of which are self-moving, are clearly visible!